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Preparing to travel 20k from Castledermot!

On Tuesday evening it was announced that there would finally be a loosening of the Covid-19 Level 5 restrictions that we entered last December. From April 12th, the 5km travel restriction will be lifted so people can travel within their own county or within 20km of their home if they are crossing a county border.

Frustratingly for couples eagerly awaiting this announcement, there have been no updates on Wedding attendances for the foreseeable future. The pub and restaurant industry has also been left in limbo once again as their doors remain closed around the country. So where can you travel once this 20km limit comes into effect?

We have dropped a pin on our studio in Radio Castledermot to see where a 20Km excursion would take us.

This would allow travel to the towns of Carlow, Athy, Baltinglass, and Tullow among more exotic destinations such as Calverstown, Ballylynan, Dunlavin, and Kiltegan! We are aware the world doesn't revolve around the Radio Castledermot studio so if you want to check out where you can travel from your own front door then head over to this site and drop a pin at your location!

The main points from the announcement last night are:

From April 12th

  • 5km travel limit extended county-wide and within 20km radius

  • A partial return to construction from mid-April

From April 19th

  • GAA senior county training resumes

From April 26th

  • Golf and tennis may resume

  • Zoos and places of heritage to open

  • Outdoor training for under-18s to resume

  • Funeral attendance to rise to 25


  • Museums and galleries to start reopening

  • Click and collect retail services to resume

  • Hairdressers to resume

  • Two households will be allowed to meet outdoors

  • More than 14,000 construction workers involved in building houses will return to employment

  • There will be a full return to school for the remaining secondary school children

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