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A New Home For Radio Castledermot!

If you were passing by the Community Centre in Castledermot last Friday night, you may have noticed something different beaming out from the main front Window of Teach Diarmada. The worst kept secret in Castledermot was finally revealed as the crew from Radio Castledermot finally made the big switch from Doyles and launched our new studio in full view of the Village!

Doyle's Pub has been the home for Radio Castledermot since it's inception six months ago and everyone will be forever grateful to the Deering family for being so accommodating and ensuring we had a home when we needed one most. No matter how long this thing of ours goes on, Doyle's will always be our home. Where we had that first panicked moment when we realised Facebook had shut down our live steam. Where Tommy and Emma danced outside in boiler suits while we blasted out the music inside. Where Mick would turn up week in and week out with T-Shirts and never looked for anything in return. Where Trish brought us back to yesteryear in the Village. Where people would leave us cakes, coffees and ice-cream at the back door so as not to "disrupt the show". Where we got our first comment online, simply "You're live, I can see and hear you!" Where we have made friends that we may never meet but will never forget. Where we took quiet moments to remember loved ones we lost and wonder what they would make of all this. Where we laughed, fought, and shed a tear, together, as a family.

When the lights were on, and we went live last Friday, it was like the curtain going up after a six-month-long overture. We can see you now Castledermot, and you look beautiful!

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